Examining Life’s Complexities With Men Like You And Me

Why do you call it the “guys thing at Tomales Bay”?

Glad you asked.  We thought “Men’s Conference” could be too easily construed as code words for “bachelor party”.  “People’s Conference” leans a little too far left.  “Men’s Retreat” conjures up images of grown men turning tail in a crisis, and hits a little too close to home.  “Basking By the Bay” was a close runner-up but was finally disqualified due to the fact it would almost certainly cost the married guys a piece of jewelry.


What am I getting myself into?  Another excellent question.  Our best hope is that you’ll get some rest, eat some good meals, drink some fine nectar, and have your thoughts provoked on some of the bigger issues of life.  Of course if what you really need is an opportunity to turn your brain off – what better place to do so than on the shores of Tomales Bay.  There’s no pressure or expectation that you attend any or all of the scheduled meetings.  You’re our guest and we want you to take from the weekend what you need – except towels and office supplies.